Ellison Surface Technologies achieves Nadcap certification

September 25, 2015

Ellison Surface Technologies recently announced it achieved certification for the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program in Guaymas, Mexico, one of the country's fastest growing clusters for aerospace and industrial gas turbine manufacturing. Founded in 1986, EST is an expert provider of thermal spray coating and special processes to many of the world's largest manufacturers of aircraft engine and industrial gas turbine components.

Nadcap is the governing program for certification of special processes serving the aerospace, defense and related industries. The scope of accreditation for EST Mexico includes:

  • Quality systems.
  • HVOF and plasma thermal spray processes.
  • Dry-film lubricants.
  • Metallurgical laboratory evaluation.

"The Nadcap certification is a key milestone for our newest facility in Mexico," said C. Michael Ellison, President and CEO of Ellison Surface Technologies.  "I am proud of our team in Guaymas and excited for the growth of this operation as we become an integral part of the aerospace and industrial gas turbine manufacturing hub in Sonora."

Nadcap is a valuable certification for aerospace manufacturers and suppliers and gaining it was considered a key milestone for Ellison Surface Technologies. Nadcap is a valuable certification for aerospace manufacturers and suppliers.

According to Nadcap, the Americas have had the highest number of audits and auditors for certification since 2002, compared to Asia and Europe. Additionally, the organization outlines a number of key benefits of being Nadcap certified:

  • Certification is an important selection criteria.
  • Certification enforces compliance.
  • Certification ensures quality improvement and reduces risks.
  • Certification reduces costs.
  • Certification provides an unbiased assessment of supplier performance.
  • Certification develops staff teamwork and motivation. 
  • Certification helps companies develop expertise to a world class level.
  • Certification helps companies network with international experts.
  • Certification gains companies international recognition.
  • Certification give companies a competitive advantage for gaining new businesses.

A recipe for success
Coupled with its Nadcap certification, EST is set up for success in Guaymas. Among others, some of the key offshoring advantages of manufacturing in the area include:

  • Economy: Companies that manufacture in Guaymas have access to low labor costs, close proximity to the U.S. border and low employee turnover rates.
  • Infrastructure: Guaymas is located 90 miles from the Hermosillo International Airport. The area also has a deep-water seaport, and access to rail service and highways.
  • Education: There are 15 high schools, six universities and three technical trade schools in Guaymas. Manufacturers also have the opportunity to take advantage of The Offshore Group's School-Industry Partnership Program, which is located in the area.

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