INCERTEC Provides Metal Finishing in Empalme, Sonora Mexico

April 18, 2012

Aerospace manufacturers in Mexico now have access to NADCAP certified metal finishing services.  From powerful fire jets, to fast cars, to tiny medical devices, they all have one thing in common, using delicate parts with difficult masking and high tolerances that requires specialty metal finishing. Metal finishing is used just about everywhere you look, in aerospace, in the medical industry and in the military. It’s also used in communications, vehicle components and the electronics industry.  Of the 2,000 plus companies in the plating industries, INCERTEC  is  one of the most technologically innovative and trusted.  The company is headquartered in Fridley Minnesota..

INCERTEC also has a manufacturing facility to service its customers in located in The Offshore Group's Bella Vista Industrial Park in Empalme, Mexico. 

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Tim Meador: INCERTEC specializes in highly engineered custom plating solutions for the military, aerospace, medical and automobile industries where precision knowledge and experienced matters. Our goal since the beginning has been to exceed our customer satisfaction expectation and be a leader in the plating industry. We do this in 3 different ways, through:

1. Innovation

2. Certification

3. Technical ability

Thus, the name INCERTEC.

INCERTEC uses precious metals like gold, silver and palladium, and other metals such as nickel, tin, cad and cooper. The variety of coatings used is diverse as the items itself. A recent addition to the mix is the ability to offer a solution for plating plastics. The process is precise with consistent results piece after piece. This really sets INCERTEC apart from the competition.

INCERTEC has an inside chemistry lab and teams of employed chemists that ensure that every job is handled and verified according to the proper specifications hence the NADCAP certification. Capabilities include custom masking, laser ablation and marking and non-destructive testing or (NDT) painting as well as heat treat.

Tim Meador: Our certifications really set us apart, and these certifications are highly regulated by government agencies. This enables us to do work that our competitors cannot. We have a state of the art waste treatment system that enables us to deliver the water back to the city cleaner than it actually was. We work with both independent consultants and the EPA to assure that we minimize the waste going to the land.

Ultimately INCERTEC confidence, success and abilities, stands from their ability to take care of their customers the right way.

Tim Meador: We have created some unique solutions for companies where there was no other option. For example: a connector company searched for two years to find somebody that could nickel plate a battery connector. Within three months, we were not only producing the part, but we were producing at the volume required to bring a fully electric car to market.

We are looking at being the metal plater of choice in the U.S. and Mexico, because of our consistency. No matter what plant you go to, you will get the same consistency, service and the same quality.

INCERTEC proves everyday that when it comes to custom metal finishing they truly are the world’s greatest.


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