Jalisco - a great destination for electronics, clothing

Jalisco is a wonderful place for expanding to Mexico. Called the Silicon Valley of Mexico, it's home to over 140 electronics companies, including IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Siemens. It has the world's greatest concentration of contract manufacturers as well, according to CNN. This region is prime for growth in the future of textile manufacturing in Mexico.

The History Channel cites Jalisco as having the third richest economy in the Mexican Republic. Over 30 of Mexico's biggest companies reside in Jalisco. Its major industries are computers, agribusiness and jewelry manufacturing.

Guadalajara is a major site for much of the action in Jalisco. It is the second-largest city in Mexico, with a population of about 5 million residents. In 2001, $14 billion of electronics were produced in the city, most of which was shipped north to the U.S. The factories are clean and hospitable. The first generation Microsoft X-Box was built there, CNN reports. Additionally, 60 percent of all the computers in Mexico are made in Jalisco. Guadalajara is a major site for producing software.

Textiles and the fashion industry also have a home there, according to Fibre2Fashion. In 2013, Jalisco became the top state in Mexico for producing garments, according to Jaime Eduardo Martínez Flores, the secretary of economic development of the state of Jalisco and reported by Fibre2Fashion. The main reason that Jalisco was able to earn this honor was its large supply of skilled labor. Apparel accounts for 7 percent of all manufacturing in Mexico, making Jalisco of crucial importance to the Mexican economy.

That same year in 2013, Benefit Apparel opened up a manufacturing plant in Jalisco costing $5 million to build. This resulted in 750 direct jobs for the state. The plant was constructed in the Teocaltiche region of the state. One of the reasons for the facility's construction was the quality of Jalisco workers and Mexico's close proximity to the U.S.



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