Job opportunities keep high-skilled laborers in Mexico

July 23, 2013

Within the past year, Mexico has proposed legislation to reform the country's labor practices, resulting in more experienced Mexican workers staying in the country. According to The Wall Street Journal, the creation of more job opportunities in the country is causing fewer Mexicans to leave the country compared to past years. Numerous specialized industries, such as metal fabrication and electronic device production, have started expanding to Mexico to take advantage of the Mexican labor force's growing manufacturing focus. With skilled laborers staying in the country, Mexico is set to become a competitive manufacturing center on a global scale. 

Mexicans choose to stay in the country
The Washington Times reported that the country proposed alterations its 1970s-era labor laws last year. Under President Enrique Pena Nieto's administration, Mexico has seen less skilled laborers leave the country in search for foreign job opportunities. According to USA Today, the previous labor legislation made it difficult for skilled workers to find a formal job, forcing many to immigrate to other countries

Yet staying in Mexico is becoming more attractive to young workers, with an increase in the number of manufacturing jobs encouraging employees to remain in the country.

According to The Wall Street Journal, experienced Mexican workers are actually returning to the country because of the rising opportunities.

Miguel Hakim Simon, head of Puebla's office of international affairs and migrant support, told the newspaper that Mexico is now a hotspot for finding specialized jobs.

"The incentive to go to the states is lower, because they're going to have a very nice job with all the fringe benefits," Hakim said. "If they want to go because it's a family thing or whatever, they can go. But in the past, I would say it was they didn't have any option. Before, they had to go."

The Wall Street Journal reported last year the Mexican economy grew by 4 percent as its unemployment rate dropped. In fact, research from the Pew Hispanic Center found 61 percent of Mexicans would rather stay in the country rather than migrate someplace else.

Offshoring to the country continues to be a vital means of keeping production quality high while maintaining low costs. By expanding the manufacturing process to Mexico, U.S. companies are able to maintain their current standards while still benefiting from the country's specialized labor force.  



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