News from The Offshore Group - Bajio

April 25, 2017

News from Bajio: April 2017

The Offshore Group - Bajio welcomes AK Tube to our family! We are also on the move towards getting our 2015 Certification for the ISO 9001. The Offshore Group is excited to be growing in the Bajio region, an area where manufacturing is thriving.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

The Offshore Group's Continuous Improvement team kicked-off internal audits to obtain an ISO 9001: 2015 certification by 2018. The ISO 19001: 2015 qualification is a quality management standard that enlists regulatory requrements for all products and programs; and is audited by a third party. The 2015 Certification enhances the regular certification proces by encouraging companies to use risk-based thinking.


AK Tube's Grand Opening in Queretaro!


AK Tube, Queretaro Plant

The Offshore Group - Bajio is proud to announce AK Tube as the newest member to our family. Located in Queretaro, part of Mexico's Bajio region, and continuously growing as an industry favorite in the manufacturing world. 


The AK team is dedicated to being the leader in safely producing superior products with pride and integrity with management commitment to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.  We are committed to increasing profitability through mutually beneficial relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers.  AK Tube shall seek to achieve excellence in safety, quality and productivity through the selection and monitoring of key indicators.  The spirit of AK Tube LLC is our people - AK Tube


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