The Offshore Group Gains Competitive Advantage In Supply-Chain Security

April 02, 2018

The Offshore Group is now OEA certified in Guaymas and Empalme, Sonora. This Certification extends to The Offshore Group’s current and future Client operations. The Authorized Economic Operator (OEA) Certification goes beyond C-TPAT security standards and collaborates with U.S. and Mexican Customs management procedures that review the detailed product information and thoroughly investigate Import and Export incidents or suspicious activity.  

As an OEA Certified Company, The Offshore Group and its Clients now benefit from advantages that include:

  • Lowered cost of shipment discrepancies. OEA Certified companies are able to consolidate shipment discrepancies into one bundle.
  • Fast-Lane Carrier Transportation. Carriers are able to use the express lane when going through border crossings.
  • 70% less overall inspections at the border. Products spend less time at Customs inspections and undergo easier logistics.
  • A competitive advantage in the Global Supply Chain Market for current clients and prospects because of the Certification’s high security and accountability standards.

The OEA Certification initiative taken by The Offshore Group over the past two years involved an investment of $500,000 USD in operational management and facility security actions. The two-year process for new security measures also included bringing on two supply chain security specialists, as well as training for our clients, staff, and existing Import and Export teams.

OEA requires diligent action and attention to sustain, and The Offshore Group will work to maintain the Certification in its Sonoran Manufacturing Communities for years to come.

More information about the OEA Certification can be found here.


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