The Offshore Group Recognized for Community Engagement in Saltillo

October 10, 2016

On October 4, 2016, The Offshore Group - ZAPA, was awarded with the Merito Canacintra, a merit distinction award given by Canacintra, the local Chamber of Industries chapter in Saltillo, Coahuila. ZAPA was one of six businesses recognized for their contributions to the local community during the inauguration of an industry event in Saltillo.


The distinction recognizes The Offshore Group as an experienced and active partner of the community. The Offshore Group Director of Operations in ZAPA, Miguel Hernandez stated, “This award, which is given to a small number of companies (6 in total, this year) is something that we did not pursue, but it is welcome, as it serves as recognition that our company is always striving to do the right things, for our clients, for our people and for our community in general.”


The Offshore Group’s contribution to Saltillo is intrinsic to their daily functions, and the Merito Canacintra recognizes the dedication to relationships within the community.

The award was created in 2011 to recognize business participation and commitment to society. The Merito Canacintra also helps build relationships between businesses that are committed to making a difference. The Offshore Group is honored to have an amazing team that has established a supportive community presence in Saltillo.


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