Overview of Recruitment Services Provided by Shelter Companies in Mexico

When establishing manufacturing in Mexico, one of the most important steps to success is building a team with the right combination of skills, experience, and value. Working with a shelter service provider is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to manage the recruitment lifecycle from start to finish.

If your company is considering starting a manufacturing operation in Mexico, considering the logistics and procedures for hiring workers is a must. Though Mexico is indeed known for low-cost labor, recruiting the right team can be challenging for businesses that are unfamiliar with the country's laws, regulations, and best practices.

Understanding regional labor markets, attracting qualified candidates, maintaining a competent team, and working alongside Mexico's labor unions are just a few of the many potential obstacles a company may face. Working with a shelter service provider experienced in recruiting is a great way to make the process much more manageable.

Choose a trusted shelter provider

One of the first steps to recruiting using a shelter service provider is to choose one with experience and credibility. One of the main advantages of working with a service provider is gaining direct knowledge of the employee lifecycle as it functions in the Mexican environment.

There are many providers of shelter services, however, and many offer recruitment – but not all services are created equal. The provider you choose should be familiar with the labor landscape in the region of Mexico you're looking to manufacture in, and the provider should be able to quickly and accurately source the right networks, support, and labor pool to meet your needs.

At Tetakawi, for example, our expertise spans close to 35 years – and this is heavily backed by immersion in the labor landscape in Mexico. Our recruitment experts have in-depth knowledge of local and regional labor markets, and our HR team is highly skilled and well-versed in all aspects of managing recruitment in Mexico.

Understand benefits and compensation in Mexico

Manufacturing Worker in Mexico

A significant advantage of working with a shelter service provider to handle recruitment is access to information. Knowledge of labor market trends, wage rates, and other labor expectations can make or break your manufacturing operation, and gaining an understanding of these factors is one of the first areas to explore with your provider.

Accurate cost information is notoriously difficult to get in Mexico if working as a standalone entity, but working with a provider allows you access to detailed labor data. Reputable providers are immersed and well-versed in market information in Mexico and can help walk you through the costs of benefits and compensation you should expect for your operation.

At Tetakawi, we provide in-depth cost estimation services that can help you navigate accurate financial data. We also offer labor market reports by region as a primer so that you can familiarize yourself with the basics of what to expect in major manufacturing regions of Mexico.  

Review your recruitment needs

Your company's manufacturing operation is unique, which means that the labor you recruit will have specific requirements to support it. When working with a shelter service provider, be sure to discuss sourcing candidates that are tailored to your operation's needs. A reputable service provider will be prepared to recruit candidates from specific industries, with specific skills, and experienced in particular functions that best suit your business.

For example, companies often look to Tetakawi to fill a wide variety of direct labor positions. These range from hard-to-find technical positions to experienced supervisors (who are highly demanded often difficult to source for companies working on their own). As a qualified service provider, our extensive network spans throughout Mexico and contains a comprehensive list of qualified candidates from which we can develop, screen, and hire.

Discuss the interview and hiring process

Depending on what stage your company is in and the size of your operation, you may have anywhere from one to hundreds of positions to fill – this can be daunting to tackle without the support of a shelter service provider. Your chosen provider should be able to develop a talent pool, conduct interviews, and hire candidates if your company needs it. Each provider's process will differ slightly, so be sure to discuss the process and whether or not it will accommodate all of your company's needs.

At Tetakawi, we create specific job profiles based on your company's specifications. From there, our team compares these profiles against our extensive database, and an applicant pool is created based on the results. Candidates are selected and then screened against necessary medical testing and employment eligibility tests before they are presented for interviewing and hiring.

Examine labor laws and union relationships

A crucial part of the recruitment process is gaining an understanding of labor law in Mexico, as well as building strong relationships with local labor unions. Working with a shelter service provider allows you to outsource the management of these relationships and quickly get up to speed with the Mexican legal environment.

At Tetakawi, for example, we negotiate collective bargaining agreement terms and conditions on your behalf. These negotiations allow you to balance your company's interests with those of the local unions so that labor contract terms are favorable to both parties. As a bonus, managing these aspects of recruitment early on in the process helps to eliminate issues upfront, so that any conflicts or disputes that arise with unionized workers can be swiftly handled if they arise later on.

Address language barriers

Often overlooked in the recruiting process is the need to overcome language barriers when searching for and hiring labor. Workers in Mexico generally rely on local media to search for job opportunities, and companies working alone often find it challenging to find the outlets that will reach the right candidates, in addition to the necessary task of translating information into Spanish. Working with a shelter service provider allows companies to reduce this potential burden, instead of relying on the provider's firsthand knowledge as well as a local language skill.

Ready to start recruiting employees in Mexico?

Mexico Shelter Service Provider Employee

Working with a shelter service provider to manage the recruitment process provides numerous benefits, and it's no wonder that many companies find the option attractive. If you're looking to establish manufacturing and build a labor force in Mexico, our recruitment services can help your company quickly succeed in Mexico. To get your questions answered or get started, talk to a Tetakawi expert to see how we can help you recruit your dream team in Mexico. 


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