Shelter Companies Aid Custom Plastics Manufacturers

Custom plastics manufacturers have to constantly strive to meet the needs of their clients, and in today's economy, there must be an even higher focus on productivity and efficiency. A new study by industry firm Ray Products revealed quality, price and communication rank top three in importance, respectively, when device manufacturers are deciding on what company they want to use as their supplier. Keeping this in mind is vital for leaders at custom plastics manufacturers to gain a competitive advantage over other firms in their industry. In order to cater to those desires among procurers, it may be a smart idea to partner with an outsourcing alternative in Mexico.

Shelter companies help lessen the load
Understanding how the clients of custom plastics manufacturers choose their providers demonstrated why shelter company services can make a difference in landing business. The costs associated with accounting, human resources, custom compliance and hiring building maintenance are greatly lessened by allowing offshore shelter firms to manage such processes. Removing these operations from facilities in the U.S. will give custom plastics manufacturers the opportunity to meet the needs of their customers.

"In today's marketplace, you can't be a one-trick pony," said Brian Ray, president of Ray Products. "To earn your customer's business you have to deliver on quality, pricing, communication, turnaround times and a whole lot more."

Important issues are easier to focus on
Shelter companies in Mexico are more than capable to handle the day-to-day operations of custom plastics manufacturers. Their capacity and comprehensive experience makes it easier to dedicate more attention to core and strategic production functions. According to the Ray Products blog, working to deliver an even higher quality of product will enable custom plastics manufacturers to improve their reputation with their clients and further establish themselves in their industry. High quality, after all, equals high levels of success: 32 percent of respondents cited quality as the most important aspect of a product.

Price ranked second on the list of importance for clients of custom plastics manufacturers, which is another reason why seeking out the offshoring benefits of a shelter firm makes a lot of sense. Signing a contract with these companies gives manufacturers a set cost for a number of operations at their company, providing more of an opportunity to use some more competitive pricing models to land a greater number of clients.


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