The Seven Biggest Automotive Suppliers In The World

It is no secret that the auto industry is a large and profitable one, with the largest players enjoying millions of dollars in turnover every year. While the cars that get manufactured make up a significant portion of the market, there is another niche that is equally as important - if not more so. In many ways, automotive suppliers are the ones with the true power - without them, the amazingly profitable vehicles simply would not exist.

With this in mind, we took a closer look at the biggest automotive suppliers in the world, and the true power behind the industry.

1. Robert BoschGmbH

Robert BoschGmbH, more widely known as Bosch, sits at the top spot in terms of the world's biggest automotive suppliers. Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, they are a multinational technology and engineering empire, with specialist interests in the production of powertrain solutions and chassis systems control, in addition to a host of other products.

2. Denso Corporation

Denso Corporation has its headquarters and plants in that central zone of construction and auto manufacture: Japan. Their primary focus is on key automotive components, including thermal systems, powertrain controls, small motors, a number of key electronic systems, and a variety of telecommunications components, all of which are essential components of modern motor vehicles.

3. Magna International Inc

The Ontario-based Magna International is currently the third largest global automotive supplier. Headquartered in Aurora, Magna is responsible for supplying plants and manufacturing sites around the world with it’s automotive parts, and has the added prestige of being named the largest manufacturer for automobile parts across North America, when studies analyzed the sales of original equipment parts compared to competitors.

4. Continental AG

Better known as Continental, Continental AG are a Hanover-based automotive supplier, who made their name through specializing in interior electronics, and several additional aspects of automotive safety, including brake systems, powertrains and chassis components, tires, and tachographs. Their record for safety has earned them a sterling reputation, and their reach extends across the globe.

5. ZF Friedrichshafen AG

German-based brand ZF Friedrichshafen AG, also known more commonly as the ZF Group, helps Germany to stay ahead of the pack once again, thanks to their top-quality reputation as a quality automotive parts supplier. They distribute products all across the world and have a particularly strong focus on parts such as driveline and chassis technology - where they act as global frontrunners - as well as specialist plant equipment. In addition, their expertise covers both passenger cars and commercial vehicles, helping to secure their status as key players in the business.

6. Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd

Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd, a brand operating under the better-known Toyota company, is a major player in the world of automatic supplies, and have been influential in building up the sterling reputation of the Japanese automotive industry. Aisin Seiki focuses its high level of expertise on the production of a range of automotive systems and components, including electronics, body and chassis systems, drivetrain, and several engine components.

7. Hyundai Mobis

Korea has long been an established name in the world of automobiles, and they have proven that their reach in the industry extends beyond cars, and right into the parts and components which make up their profitable vehicles. Hyundai already has a well-established reputation for quality, reliable vehicles across the globe, and the Hyundai Mobis subset forms the so-called “parts and service” arm of the parent company. In addition to Hyundai automotive, Mobis also provides quality parts to both Kia Motors and Genesis Motors.

Final Thoughts

While in the end, it’s the final product that people purchase - in this case, automobiles -  the truth is they could never be effectively produced without the high-quality parts and components that are designed and manufactured by the various automotive suppliers around the world. The top seven suppliers on our list above represent the largest companies currently active in the automotive industry; each of whom have earned their reputation throughout the years by continuing to innovate and offer quality products to auto manufacturers. Also read about why Ford is moving to Mexico


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