What Are Challenges in Manufacturing Processes?

Manufacturing is a vital part of any economy, and Mexico has established itself as a desirable location in this field. Once you have decided to develop a factory in Mexico for commercial manufacturing, you will face a variety of difficulties that could make or break your success. 


Some of these problems might be related to labor, supply chains, safety issues, scaling of business, and, of course, efficiency. Find manufacturing solutions that help you to set up your business.


Below, we’ll detail prominent difficulties faced by manufacturers. These obstacles can occur at any point in the manufacturing process. Once you understand these issues, we will explore how Tetakawi is the solution you need.


Challenges in the Manufacturing Process


There are numerous challenges in the manufacturing process, which vary depending on the industry, scale, and complexity of the operation. Some common challenges include:


Labor Force


One of the biggest challenges that companies face when developing factories is finding and retaining qualified labor. The task can be further complicated if you don't speak the language of the country you’re expanding in. This is common for companies outsourcing their labor or companies expanding their business to new countries.


Partnering with an outsourcing firm like Tetakawi can assist you in accurately vetting potential employees. This way, you can guarantee that you have trustworthy and competent workers who understand the local customs, regulations, and can communicate effectively in both languages. There are certain regulations and guidelines that Mexican workers must follow, including minimum wage laws and union contracts, which can make it difficult for businesses unfamiliar with these policies.


Supply Chain


One of the most significant challenges when setting up a manufacturing process in Mexico is establishing an efficient supply chain network. Historically, Mexico's supply chain has been linked to the United States, with goods being imported from the U.S. rather than being manufactured within the country. As a result, you may need to invest in logistics, warehousing, and transportation infrastructure to handle raw materials and deliveries. Additionally, working with local suppliers may require additional oversight and quality control measures to ensure that products meet required standards.


Safety Issues


Safety in manufacturing is always critical, and Mexico's situation is no different. Crime rates impact some essential factors, such as the protection of the inventory, workers' safety and the surrounding environment. To ensure maximum safety and security while your factory is up and running, partnering with specialized security personnel can help deter theft, regulate site access, and reduce risks.


Legal and Regulatory Framework


Navigating the legal and regulatory landscape in Mexico can be complex. Companies must comply with local labor laws, environmental regulations, safety standards, and tax requirements. 


Understanding and adhering to these regulations can be time-consuming and costly, that is where Tetakawi can take over and help your company settle in. Tetakawi consultants are experts in the regulation frameworks and can ensure your business is following the necessary laws and licensing.


Scaling of Business


When starting a business, many entrepreneurs focus on the short-term plan without considering what will happen as the firm expands. When scaling a business in Mexico, keep long-term plans and visions in mind. You can avoid the usual pitfalls of sudden growth by working with business consultants. 


These consultants can help you anticipate and address challenges, especially securing additional sites, loans, or increasing production. Manufacturers must balance the need for high-quality products with cost-effective production. This involves minimizing waste, streamlining processes, and implementing lean manufacturing principles. 




Mexico offers a broad range of advantages and benefits to businesses, and it comes as no surprise that many investors are establishing manufacturing in the country. 


Nonetheless, different obstacles arise during the manufacturing process, often impacting the profitability of the manufacturer. Therefore, you must always focus on improving your processes and do away with inefficiencies, supply stocks, and scrap that may hurt your bottom line. Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma can be applied as approaches to maximize efficiency.


Tackle the Challenges Manufacturing With Tetakawi


Tetakawi helps businesses, both established and new, learn the basics of manufacturing within the context of Mexico. Facing the challenges of manufacturing in Mexico requires careful planning and a deep understanding of the local environment. 


To overcome these difficulties, Tetakawi creates effective strategies that cover all aspects, from labor force and supply chain management to safety issues and scaling your business. Additionally, focus on improving efficiency by implementing Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma approaches. 


Many businesses have operationalized in Mexico in the past several decades, and it is safe to say that the country presents diverse opportunities. Working with experts or outsourcing firms can provide critical assistance for manufacturing processes in Mexico. Seek the help of professionals from Tetakawi to avoid issues proactively. By doing so, you can ensure that your venture runs smoothly and successfully for years to come!


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