What Is Facility Management?

Facility management (FM) is the process of integrating people, places, and processes within a building or an establishment and ensuring that the systems work harmoniously. This function is carried out by facility managers, whose role is to ensure that everyone on the premises is safe and the facility offers the best experience. They achieve this by coordinating all processes that allow the facility and the environment within it to be conducive.

In short, facility management is designed to improve the quality of life of everyone within your facility and enhance the efficiency of your primary business. So, as you develop a manufacturing factory in Mexico, you need to set up an effective facility management department with professional facility managers–this is why it’s important to have a qualified human resource team.

Working with the best HR is important because they’ll help you to hire qualified and experienced facility managers. As an international investor setting up a factory in Mexico, you should work with reliable local companies, like Tetakawi, to ensure they have an understanding of the area and its people.

This way, you can rest assured you’ll get the best team of facility managers for your factory. Tetakawi offers professional and reliable softlanding solutions to international investors looking to set up factories in Mexico.

What Is the Role of a Facility Manager?

Whether setting up an office, institution, or factory, you need someone or a team of individuals to ensure the facility, its occupants, and all its systems work together seamlessly and safely. These individuals are commonly referred to as facility managers (FMs). Their work makes sure that all components within your facility work together for the good of your business.

It’s the work of your FMs to help a business and the systems within it fulfill their purposes and that workers are safe and productive. FMs can have different titles and functions, depending on the facility they work for–in some places, they’re not referred to as facility managers, despite the fact that they perform facility management roles, such as evaluation, maintenance, and planning of building systems.

Regardless of their titles, FMs perform several important roles, including:

  • Building operations, such as cleaning, grounds management, security, and building maintenance
  • Developing and implementing return-to-work policies and procedures
  • Emergency and disaster management and response
  • Project management and budgeting
  • Business continuity planning
  • Sustainability planning
  • Property management and space organization

Why You Need Facility Management

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the safety of employees in the workplace has become more important than ever. It’s the responsibility of your FMs to ensure the necessary health and safety measures within your facility are in place to prevent infections. Advancing technologies, environmental initiatives, and other new trends have changed how FMs work and respond to emerging challenges.

Therefore, your FM team must remain informed about the latest trends in facility management and learn how to incorporate these trends into your facility. With the right team of facility managers, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your place of work is safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly, and efficient. Your FM department will contribute immensely to your organization’s bottom line.

For instance, it’ll contribute to your organization’s operational efficiency by ensuring that all systems within the facility work seamlessly. By managing your facility, personnel, and systems, your FM department will ensure your daily operations run smoothly for the benefit of your business; it will also help to plan and provide the necessary infrastructure to support overall productivity.

With a reliable FM department, it’ll be easy to manage risks, especially those that pertain to the facility, workers, suppliers, and the reputation of your business. You’ll also be able to mitigate and minimize environmental impact. Your FM team should be able to adopt sustainable strategies for lasting cost management. That way, you’ll reduce the cost of running your business and maintaining your facility.

The other reason facility management is important is that it allows you to leverage the latest technological solutions for increased productivity and reduced business costs; for instance, you can implement advanced technologies to enhance communication and movement around the facility for faster completion of duties. 

Finally, your FM team should help you to ease and overcome the impact of natural disasters. It should also ensure that your facility complies with all building codes and regulations–this team will regularly review the security systems within your facility and make necessary updates for the safety of your business, property, and personnel.


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