Newsletter for Guaymas and Empalme, Sonora 2017

April 25, 2017

News from MTK: April 2017

MTK got down to business in the beginning of 2017, and is working to better the company's sustainability, and quality of life. Working with labor unions in Mexico and providing a desalinization plant helps boost plant operations, and hosting a Healhty Vision Day provides imortant support needed for daily life.

Union Negotiations

The Offshore Group MTK came to an agreement with the labor unions and negotiated a 7% increase in wages. Although the increase is slightly higher than the 2016 negotiations (5.1%), high inflation of the Mexican peso since the beginning of 2017 leveled the increase to have almost no effect on wages.

  • Minimum Initial salary 2016 (unfringed) - $101.43msd~ $5.8 per day, with a 2.54% inflation rate: (April 2016 exchange rate 17.5 msd per 1 usd)
  • Minimum Initial salary 2017 (unfringed) - $108.53~$5.83 per day, with a 5.35% inflation rate : (April 2017 exchange rate 18.55 msd per 1 usd)

In the past 5 years, hourly wages have been decreasing with varying fluctuation, specifically during the beginning of the year. These numbers are based on exchange rates with the peso against the usd.

Mexico Nominal Hourly Wages in Manufacturing

Manufacturing wages in Mexico based on exchange rates
source:, INEGI

Healthy Vision Day!

On March 30, The Offshore Group - MTK worked with specialists from the Vosh Organization and the Guaymas - Empalme Rotary Club, to provide a Healthy Vision Day. Around 500 people attended including employees, their children, significant others, and parents. Employees and their families benefitted from consultations, vision tests, prescription glasses, bifocals, and sunglasses - all free for everyone in attendance. Healthy Vision Day is a recurring annual event that promotes the well being of every employee and their family members. 



Desalinization plant

desalinization-plant-empalme.jpgTo keep up with the park's water demand, we constructed a new desalinization plant, in Bella Vista that began operating this past February 2017. The plant has the ability to produce over 200,000 gallons of clean water per day (800m3/day). And, the water is in regulation with U.S. drinking water standards testing at 500 mg/L of dissolved solids. The plant functions through an inverse osmosis system and provides water to the whole Manufacturing Community in Empalme.



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